Growing luxury and jewellery brands in 2024: Boodles & Finnies' Shopify Success Stories

Emma Gleaden, Marketing Manager
15th February 2024

In our latest Ecom Juiced webinar on January 31st, we delved into the world of luxury and jewelry brands and interviewed our clients; Laura Edwards, Digital Marketing Manager at Boodles and Emma Booth, Marketing Manager at Finnies. We explored the strategies and stories behind these two well-renowned luxury jewellery brands, delving into how they have seamlessly blended traditional heritage with modern technology.

Brand Storytelling: Connecting Heritage with Modernity

Boodles, a family-owned business for over 225 years, and Finnies, another family-owned brand established in 1957, share rich histories and values that are deeply ingrained within their brand identities. Both brands provide beautiful jewellery collections at higher-price points, which traditionally has come up with exceptional in-store service that is persoanlised and curated to establish special memories between the brand and the customer, such as shopping for engagement rings and purchasing jewellery for big life moments. However, this is not an easy experience to replicate throughout online channels. We discussed how Boodles had created the wonderful ‘A Family Journey: Around Europe in 10 Days" campaign with Unified, in order to portray the link back to the brand upholding strong family values and a sense of elegance at it’s core. Finnies shared how their commitment to a personalised service both online and offline wove a seamless narrative of consistency with both new and old audiences.

Innovation and Shopify: Transforming E-commerce Experiences

The migration to Shopify marked a pivotal moment for both Boodles and Finnies, enabling them to enhance user experiences and expand their global reach. Laura and Emma discussed the advantages of Shopify, from improved site speed and security to streamlined checkout processes. Shopify's innovative features empowered these brands to adapt to evolving consumer demands and reach new audiences while maintaining brand integrity.

Customer Behaviors: Navigating Online and Offline Interactions

As consumer behaviors evolved, Boodles and Finnies embraced digital channels to engage with their clientele. Laura and Emma highlighted the importance of personalized interactions, sustainability, and transparent practices in fostering customer loyalty. From live chat support to sustainable packaging, both brands prioritized customer satisfaction across online and offline touchpoints.

Anticipating Future Trends: Adapting to the Next Generation

Looking ahead, Boodles and Finnies anticipated shifts in consumer demographics and preferences, particularly among younger, affluent consumers (known as HENRYs). Laura and Emma emphasized the importance of sustainability, authenticity, and digital engagement in capturing the imaginations of future luxury consumers. By leveraging social media platforms and embracing storytelling, both brands remained poised to resonate with the next generation of shoppers.

Embracing the Future of Luxury E-commerce

As Boodles and Finnies embark on their journey through 2024, they remain committed to innovation, authenticity, and customer-centricity. From immersive storytelling to seamless online experiences, these brands exemplified the intersection of tradition and modernity in the dynamic landscape of luxury e-commerce.

If you’d like to delve deeper into any of the topics outlined above, you can watch the webinar replay here:

Ecom Juiced | Episode #2 | Growing luxury jewellery brands in 2024 with Boodles & Finnies

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