Ecommerce email marketing services

At Unified, we understand the value that SMS and email marketing can bring to your business. When done right, a well-executed ecommerce email marketing strategy can deliver a very high return on investment and become one of your most lucrative digital marketing channels.

We are Unified: your email marketing partner

Email marketing is fast and highly profitable, while allowing you to forge deep connections with your prospects and customers.

The right email marketing strategy can significantly boost sales through targeted engagement, allowing your customers  to constantly engage with your brand and products or services.

Email marketing stands as the champion of conversion and traffic drivers to your website, consistently outshining other marketing avenues. No other digital channel compares.

Our ecommerce email marketing services include:

ESP migration support
Email strategy development
Email channel audits
Email campaign automations
Email marketing campaigns

Why choose Unified for your email marketing services?

  • Custom strategies: Tailored email marketing solutions designed to meet your brand's specific goals and objectives.

  • Comprehensive service: From the initial audit to ongoing optimisation, we cover every aspect of email marketing.

  • Expertise across platforms: Whether it’s Klaviyo, MailChimp, or Salesforce, we work with the best ESPs to ensure your messages hit the mark.

  • Monitoring success: We keep a close eye on key KPIs. This includes open rates, click-to-open rates, and revenue per email delivered. By employing benchmarks to drive SMART objectives, we will ensure your email marketing strategy remains on the leading edge.

Ready to transform your digital experience? Contact us today and let a leading ecommerce elevate your email marketing game. We're ready to connect your brand to its audience in the most effective way possible, fostering loyalty and driving sales like never before.

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“The team at Unified are a pleasure to work with and have not only helped us build and navigate a new platform, but have also brought their expertise to many facets of our online business."
Emma Booth - Marketing Manager - Finnies
Unified ecommerce services
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