Ecommerce analytics and digital data

At Unified, we harness the power of digital data and analytics to empower your ecommerce business. Accurate ecommerce analytics and digital data analysis can provide vital, actionable insights. Conclusions from our analysis will lead to website improvements, whether you're using Shopify, Magento (Adobe Commerce), BigCommerce or another platform.

We are Unified: your ecommerce analytics partner

Accurate analytics for ecommerce sites are vital for success. Our experts help you monitor and understand your successes, turning data into actionable insights for informed decisions. Whether you use Shopify, Magento, or BigCommerce, our analyses drive continuous platform optimisation.

We ensure your ecommerce site is optimised for superior performance, using data-driven strategies to outperform competitors. Our team of digital analytics experts is dedicated to enhancing your online business through precise and comprehensive data analysis, making us the go-to for ecommerce analytics and digital data.

Our ecommerce analytics services include:

Digital analytics auditing
Actional insights and strategy development
Analytics setup and integration
Training and workshops
Ongoing support and consultancy

Why choose Unified for your ecommerce anayltics solutions?

  • Customised Analytics Solutions: Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your ecommerce business, ensuring precise data analysis and application.

  • Expertise Across Platforms: Whether it’s Shopify, Magento, or BigCommerce, our experts are proficient in a variety of platforms to maximize your analytics efficacy.

  • Expert Digital Data Analysis: Ecommerce Analytics Services involve collecting, analysing, and interpreting digital data from your ecommerce platform to improve decision-making, enhance customer engagement, and drive sales.

  • Continuous Monitoring and Improvement: We keep a vigilant eye on all relevant KPIs, from traffic metrics to conversion rates, ensuring your strategies remain cutting-edge.

Ready to improve your ecommerce analytics? Contact us today and let a leading ecommerce analytics agency elevate your data strategy. We're ready to provide insights that foster loyalty and drive sales in accordance to your KPIs. Leverage our expertise in ecommerce analytics to optimise performance, enhance customer experiences, and achieve unprecedented growth.

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“The team at Unified are a pleasure to work with and have not only helped us build and navigate a new platform, but have also brought their expertise to many facets of our online business."
Emma Booth - Marketing Manager - Finnies
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