Ecommerce PPC management

PPC campaigns and paid advertising allow brands quick and targeted entry to the right marketplace - but you also need the right expertise. Our ecommerce ppc campaigns deliver lucrative returns on investment in a highly measurable and controlled way. We refine our bidding based on buy personas and granular time-of-day analysis to ensure the maximum return of investment for your ad spend.

We are Unified: your ecommerce PPC partner

Our PPC services are designed to boost your ecommerce store’s visibility and generate highly desirable conversions.

We use bespoke bid management techniques tailored around your store’s specific needs. We pair our strategic planning and audience personas alongside you, and pair that with our wealth of industry knowledge and cutting-edge PPC practices. This makes sure that your PPC campaigns run optimally, and also pin-point targets audiences and markets that matter to you most.

Specialists in ecommerce PPC, we are meticulous in our campaign management. From keyword selection, to ad copy optimisation and landing page refinement, we create a user journey that focuses on conversions and retention. When you choose Unified as your PPC agency, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to empowering your ad presence.

Our ecommerce PPC management services include:

PPC audits
Paid marketing optimisation
PPC campaign creation
Tracking and reporting

Why choose Unified for your ecommerce PPC management?

  • Customised strategy: We adapt our Ecommerce PPC Services to fit your specific business objectives, ensuring campaigns that drive the outcomes most valuable to you.

  • Mastery across ad platforms: Our expertise spans numerous ad platforms, allowing us to deliver targeted PPC for Google Ads, Bing Ads, and even Paid Social platforms. Collaborating with platform specialists guarantees tailored campaign optimisations.

  • Detailed performance analysis: Our meticulous approach includes comprehensive campaign and landing page analyses, leveraging every opportunity to enhance your PPC performance.

  • Collaboration and evaluation: We provide continuous strategy adjustments and support to provide optimal performance through the ever-changing landscape of ecommerce PPC.

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“The team at Unified are a pleasure to work with and have not only helped us build and navigate a new platform, but have also brought their expertise to many facets of our online business."
Emma Booth - Marketing Manager - Finnies
Unified ecommerce services
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