Shopify Editions Winter 24' - Key highlights for ecommerce merchants

Emma Gleaden, Marketing Manager
7th February 2024

In the latest version of Shopify’s Editions for Winter 24', Glen Coates, Shopify's VP of Product, unveiled over 100 new developments for Shopify and Shopify Plus. Themed 'Foundations', these updates aim to bolster the eCommerce platform, providing ecommerce brands who choose Shopify as their platform with even more tools and technology to thrive within the current, highly competitive, ecommerce landscape.

Shopify Editions takes time to read through, so we’ve done the heavy lifting and come up with 10 key product announcements from Shopify Editions Winter 24', which we believe will benefit our Shopify clients, and provide those ecommerce businesses considering migrating to Shopify with clarity on whether the Shopify platform could be a wise move long-term.

1. Product Merchandising Enhancements

Shopify has improved how products are listed and discovered on the platform. For Shopify Plus users, the new Combined Listings App simplifies showcasing products with multiple variations, enhancing the customer experience.

2. Semantic Search

Powered by AI, Shopify's storefront search now understands customer intent beyond keywords. This feature, exclusive to Shopify Plus, enables users to use natural language for more relevant search results.

3. Shopify Subscription

The Subscription App, now in full release, enables merchants to offer products on subscription models, boosting customer lifetime value and revenue predictability.

4. Shopify Bundles

The maximum number of products allowed in a bundle has increased from 10 to 30, offering more flexibility for product combinations.

5. Shopify Checkout Enhancements

Exclusive to Shopify Plus, Checkout Extensibility allows brands to customize the checkout process with new APIs and UI components, including a loyalty widget for points redemption.

6. Shop Pay

The new Installments Purchasing Power feature enables customers to estimate loan amounts directly from the product page, enhancing confidence during checkout.

7. New Web Performance Dashboard

Merchants can now track and optimize storefront performance with insights focused on loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability.

8.New Shopify POS Terminal

The revamped POS terminal offers improved reliability, branding options, simplified email capture, and customizable receipts.

9. Stronger Retargeting and Benchmarks for Ads

Smarter algorithms and improved retargeting capabilities help merchants maximize ad performance across platforms.

10. TikTok Shop Integration

Merchants can now sync products with TikTok, engaging with customers and driving conversions on the popular social platform.

Shopify's latest developments emphasize the platform’s commitment to innovation and improvement, providing ecommerce merchants with further competitive edge and powerful tools to grow their online businesses. There’s a strong focus in this edition of UX improvements across the entire buying journey, from marketing and search to checkout and receipts. To discover the entirety of Shopify’s developments, you can visit Shopify Editions | Winter 24' here.

As a Shopify Plus Agency, we are also on hand to help you make sense of how these new developments can be implemented and be of benefit to your ecommerce store, so get in touch if you’d prefer a non-obligatory conversation with a team of experts.

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