Platform: Shopify Plus
Industry: Jewellery

A sleek new website for fine jewellery brand

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The Story So Far

Boodles is one of the oldest and most prestigious fine jewellery brands in the world. It’s been in the hands of the same family for over two centuries and we’ve been entrusted with the safe-keeping of their website for over seven years.

The Challenge

To keep pace with the changes in buyer behaviour that came with the seismic impact of the pandemic, Boodles were looking to elevate their virtual storefront. They needed to attract a wider international audience, embrace omni-channel, reduce costs and simplify backend management. All while showcasing their treasures through stunning design and a superior user experience.

Unified Approach

We started this project just as we were starting the early acquisition of Diligent Commerce - known throughout the ecommerce world as artisans of luxurious web experiences. This was a perfect opportunity for the client to get the very best experts delivering their new website, and a superb proving ground for the combined teams of what were LogicSpot and Diligent Commerce to work together as one, new agency. Once our consultancy team had scoped out the project, we started to deliver the new site - Diligent Commerce handling design and LogicSpot the Shopify consultancy, build and digital marketing.

Boodles were aware their photography style wasn’t doing their products justice. It was static, lacking warmth and didn’t show their beautiful pieces off in their best light. So Diligent’s design team directed a photo shoot with a fresh approach. The new imagery means Boodles’ pieces can now be viewed in close up from many different angles and seen on models in everyday settings. The feel is contemporary, yet warm and approachable, and site visitors can see the quality in every shot. With the new photography style established, we also created a design library to bring more consistency to the brand overall, covering everything from fonts and buttons to colours and icons. As a result, Boodles’ online presence is now a much closer mirror of its in-store experience.

Then we got to work on the UX, delivering a raft of improvements all designed to make the shopping experience easier. We started by redesigning the navigation, making it cleaner and more streamlined. We gave customers the ability to add products to their basket without going through to the full product page, brought in image carousels with product cards, built the mechanism to book in-store or virtual appointments, made the blog content much more shoppable, and introduced easy filtering.

Build and integrations flowed out of scoping and UI and UX delivery, continuously delivered alongside our QA and digital marketing teams and others through to a very happy client.

Boodles Homepage Desktop

Client Quote

“The focus on design and a shift to a user-friendly backend platform has really exceeded our expectations."

Laura Edwards - Digital Marketing Manager - Boodles

Increase in Revenue
Increase in Orders
Increase in Conversion Rate
Boodles PDP showing ring size selector
Boodles Blog page example desktop

“A modular framework that allows for diverse layout combinations, facilitating all content from ever-changing to evergreen."

Design team at Unified

Boodles campaign with collection detail copy overlaid
Boodles homepage mobile
Boodles mobile screens showing plp, pdp and navigation

Client Quote

“Working on a new website can be quite a stressful time, however, working with Unified was a great experience."

Laura Edwards - Digital Marketing Manager - Boodles

Boodles plp with content slot with hotspots on campaign
Boodles campaign with hotspot linking to diamond ring

“We are seeing fantastic sales growth since launching the new website.”

Laura Edwards - Digital Marketing Manager - Boodles

Boodles 'product card with Add to Bag' and carousel arrows on hover
Boodles brand statement
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