Platform: Shopify 2.0
Industry: Beauty
Wunderbrow campaign with eye and lip products on models

Ultra fast re-platforming and redesign

  • Shopify 2.0 with Origin

  • Full Redesign (UI / UX)

  • Creative Approach 

  • Iconography 

  • App Consultation 

  • Content Population

  • Technical Consultation

  • Ongoing Maintenance


The Story So Far

When Wunderbrow approached us at the end of 2021, they had a complex e-commerce setup that wasn’t capitalising on the popularity of their best-selling products. The design needed an overhaul, the URL structure was complicated (which was negatively affecting SEO), and the site was too slow and unwieldy to manage. All of these factors were conspiring to hurt conversion.

The Challenge

We were asked to redesign the website and move them over to a Shopify 2.0 theme, while retaining most of the eCommerce functionality they had. And there was no time to waste. We needed to deliver the site in time for a brand refresh due to go live in March 2022. This gave us just under three months to complete the project and launch in six territories … piece of cake!

Unified Approach

We needed to launch the new website in record time, they had multiple country sites that were tough to maintain and both site speed and SEO performance was bad. These factors strongly suggested we use our Origin framework. Not only a highly performant Shopify site architecture and tech stack, but it allowed us to take the design framework, components and functionality and enhance and tweak at speed, to meet Wunderbrow's needs head-on.

We brought in one of our e-commerce project managers who has a wealth of retail experience (having come from retail herself) and she helped shape the initial ideas of brand positioning and website journeys into something much more compelling to the target audience.

We worked in a true collaborative, and agile manner on the project - shifting direction a number of times through the project to achieve the results they needed on time. This has not only given the client a great website but formed a fantastic team and partnership that will continue driving them forward.

Wunderbrow desktop homepage
Wunderbrow  mobile screens showing PLP, PDP and editorial

The Outcome:

Wunderbrow’s new site went live on time, on brief and in all six territories. Our SEO work is still ongoing and we look forward to helping them achieve the results their brand deserves.

Wunderbrow  desktop homepage before
Wunderbrow  desktop homepage after
Increase in Conversion Rate
Increase in Revenue
Reduction in Bounce Rate

Client Quote

“Unified were the perfect partner to help us bring our rebranded website to life. They were organised and got us live on time, while pushing us to think differently and try some new approaches.”

Lindsay Swaik - Head of Sales & Marketing - KF Beauty

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