Platform: Adobe Commerce (Magento 2)
Industry: B2B Building Trade
Fixfast campaign

A transformation in B2B customer experience

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The Story So Far

Fixfast are a specialist building industry supplier, on a mission to give their customers an unbeatable level of service. Before appointing Unified in 2020, they were partnered with an agency who were struggling to deliver against the scale of their ambition. They had lost faith in what they could achieve digitally and needed help reigniting their vision. We were excited to unleash the potential of their website.

The Challenge

To allow Fixfast customers to make thousands of online purchases and manage all aspects of their account online - from project inception through to quoting, purchasing, delivery and much more, unaided.

Unified Approach

We knew we needed to build a strong team with our colleagues at Fixfast to help them see what their website could be capable of, and get everyone on board with what would be a total digital transformation.

We quickly resolved a swathe of lingering issues on the website, and improved website speed across the board, but also started to kick-off longer term planning with key team members. This multi-faceted approach allowed us to earn trust and buy-in for some really exciting website improvements over the coming months and years together.

From early roadmapping exercises, it was clear that a lot of data and proceses that were linchpin to the roadmap were offline - we needed a dramatic change in the amount of data pulled from the ERP system, as well as a smart way to present and manage it within the account section. Our solution was to build a whole new integration between their website and ERP system using our integration platform and implement Magento B2B. This means Fixfast customers can now manage their account fully online, taking advantage of new features like wishlists, offline orders, company user permissions and billing information. 

Taking things further, we’ve also introduced several invaluable custom features - from converting baskets to quotes, or an express order page that allows customers to upload spreadsheets detailing the products they need, saving them the time consuming  job of adding every product manually.

Fixfast Magento and oracle integration

“Working with Unified has been a breath of fresh air. They have a great team of friendly people who are easy to work with and most importantly, know what they are doing!"

Emma Watkins - Head of Marketing & Customer Service - Fixfast


The customer account area only covered basic customer information, and did not include offline orders, billing information, company user permissions, wishlists or more important functionality - the integration was key to unclocking surfacing that functionality onto the website.

We built a new ERP integration using our own IPaas and then enhanced the My Account area to allow both B2C and B2B customers to manage their account more fully online.

Fixfast skills hub with storyblok integration
Increase In Revenue
Increase in Average Order Value
Increase in Transactions
Magento Upgrade
“We have grand plans for the next 12 months and feel totally confident that having Unified as our partner we'll be able to deliver on them.”

Emma Watkins - Head of Marketing & Customer Service - Fixfast

We opted to use Next.js as the open-source development framework for its superior SEO benefits

Custom Features

One of the features we’ve introduced allows Fixfast customers to convert the contents of their online basket into a quote. This is particularly valuable to their customers because they tend to be ordering products in the tens of thousands. With this new tool they can export their basket into a quote, come back whenever they’re ready to activate the quote or pick up the phone to place their order.

Looking Ahead

Next on the horizon is a full UX overhaul, so that the vast majority of Fixfast customers choose to order online rather than pick up the phone. This would mark a radical shift in their way of doing business, and we're here for the challenge.

Watch this space…

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