Turning Conversations into Conversions

25th July 2022

As the inaugural third party vendor to be integrated into the core Magento platform back in 2018, Dotdigital uptake has exploded through the community.


In the 2.3.4 Magento release, Dotdigital enhanced their offering to include chat which includes one free agent when you sign up from within the Magento account.
Obviously, Chat has been around for many years now but remains undervalued and underused. According to Forrester, site visitors that use web chats are 2.8 times more likely to convert than those that don’t- and 77% of consumers won’t make an online purchase if there’s no live chat feature on your site (Busienss2Community).

So, how can you use Chat to enhance your customer experience and identify onsite issues you may never have thought about?


Layout and Navigations

Using chat you may discover that your site visitors are getting stuck in a certain area. There may be a problem with the onsite search, product descriptions or terminology that is blocking the user journey through the site. Do not use Chat as a fire fighting tool however,  use it to collate information on your user’s experience, be honest and fix the issues causing the blockage.

Greet your Customers

Using the auto greet functionality to pro-actively engage with the customer, will allow them to chat with you anonymously without formfilling or sharing personal details. Look at it as an opportunity to personalise the experience and set the tone early on in their journey. Not only will this welcome them to the site and give them a chance to connect with you, but will inform them of where to find a customer care team should they need it.

Speed up Conversion

Email is the preferred communication channel of many businesses but in the world of the ‘instant gratification generation’,  why wait 24 hours to resolve an issue when it can be fixed on the spot.
You may also speed up conversions by answering product or technical queries in real-time. With the ability to share product specification files and video tutorials instantaneously, you negate the need for consumers to leave your site to find this information elsewhere.

Requests and Suggestions

Obviously you don’t need to implement every request, but often there will be some nuggets of customer insight, such as “your shipping is expensive” or “I would buy if the returns were free”.

Product FAQ’s

By carefully monitoring and noticing the same questions coming up,  particularly with reference to a specific product,  you can address the issue, implement the necessary changes and add information to the product description page. Identify “purchase critical” information such as safety specifications, compatibility or installation details – as these can have a large impact on conversions.

So, give your customer service a competitive advantage with centralised data and real-time chat to keep your customers coming back.

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