Product Roadmap Highlights from the Adobe Summit

13th June 2023

As a prominent event in the digital marketing world, the Adobe Summit serves as a platform for professionals to network, share insights, and collaborate with peers and industry leaders. It provides valuable opportunities for attendees to expand their knowledge, gain inspiration, and connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about delivering exceptional digital experiences.

Lucky for you, we have the inside scoop on the latest product innovations and insights from the world of Magento / Adobe Commerce as our new business team attended the event last week at the Excel, and what a memorable event it was. As well as getting our minds blown by the new generative AI features of Adobe Firefly (read on to learn more), we also came away with lots of practical tips, tricks and knowledge for retailers considering making the switch to Adobe Commerce from another platform, or upscaling from Magento open source.  

Adobe Summit is a premier conference that brings together marketing professionals and industry leaders to explore the latest trends, technologies, and strategies in digital marketing and customer experience. Through informative sessions, networking opportunities, and product showcases, the summit equipped us with the knowledge and inspiration to drive impactful marketing initiatives and stay at the forefront of our industry.

Product Innovation

Adobe kick-started the day by announcing several brand-new product innovations across Adobe Sensei GenAI. We watched in awe as a live demo was showcased on the big screen and a marketer produced brand imagery from scratch in a matter of seconds. This update was made available on 8th June 2023 right after the announcement, and you can check out a quick demo briefing which shows the software in action for yourself here.  

There was even more good news for ecommerce marketers in the announcements that followed; as new features were unveiled within Adobe Experience Cloud, such as new audience portal which allows for deeper integrations with third-party data to find new customers and target them more efficiently with Adobe Target.  

As we learned more about the latest commerce updates and tools, it became clear that there were huge opportunities for ecommerce businesses with more complex buyer journeys, such as personalised products or high-volume product catalogues, to really make use of the full suite of Adobe Commerce. This is particularly true for online businesses who are still operating on Magento Open Source, or currently trying to make the best of what they have on less customizable platforms.  

Best in class

We were also shown best-in-class case studies from high-growth B2C brands. Some of these businesses have already made the switch and invested more heavily into the Adobe Suite. Brands such as Masons Du Monde, Science in Sport, ACNE and Maserati shared how they were utilising Adobe Commerce features to create hyper-personalised user journeys and omni-channel experiences that would not have otherwise been possible.

In the talk discussing the future of luxury digital experiences with Maserati, Deloitte Digital and ACNE, it was clear that brands need to bring the essence of the brand to life without losing touch with the brands commercial needs; making sure the purpose is threaded throughout every touch point. Think of it like the north star of your brand.

Brand Spotlight:

Maisons Du Monde is the European leader in affordable, desirable, and sustainable home furnishings. A drive to ‘go digital’ and embrace customer first experiences have pushed the brand and its strategy to create unique, warm and sustainable living spaces. Maisons Du Monde has embraced several initiatives to arrive at a composable digital platform which allows them to design, analyse, and optimise journeys across channels, including purely digital and retail stores; taking them from product centric to customer centric.

One of their techniques to improve customer retention was to increase access to home design by involving a network of interior designers and 3D visualisation tools. This included extended offers and the release of brand new products regularly too keep customers as the core.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation has been a recurring and significant theme in the technology and marketing industry for several years. Given the importance of digital transformation in today's business landscape, it is no surprise that the concept of digital transformation was a relevant and influential topic at the Adobe Summit.

Digital transformation involves leveraging digital technologies and strategies to fundamentally change how businesses operate, deliver value to customers, and adapt to evolving market conditions. It encompasses various aspects, including customer experience, data-driven marketing, automation, AI, cloud computing, and more. As businesses strive to enhance their digital capabilities and remain competitive, digital transformation continues to be a critical focus area across the ecommerce industry.

One key digital transformation session which stood out for us, discussed how Coca-Cola Africa expanded their growth through utilising the B2B functionalities Adobe Commerce offers. There are certain nuances in the African market, such as mix-matched order quantities and more fragmented sales channels that made a more customisable platform a necessity. Coca-Cola Africa are continuing their digital transformation journey by implementing further products and solutions from the Adobe suite over time, such as the implementation of Marketo.

The thing to remember is digital transformation often has a lengthy roadmap, but integrating digital B2B commerce with other internal systems such as inventory management, CRM, or ERP systems can enhance operational efficiency, reduce errors in the long run, and provide a seamless experience for customers.

Adobe powered B2B

There were further phenomenal examples of Adobe’s B2B functionality coming into true force at The Summit this year. We heard from brands such as Unilever and Dutch DIY company, Intergamma; as they shared how they utilised the platform to create complex yet seamless and personalised customer journeys through digital transformation with Adobe Commerce. It really highlighted Adobe’s market-leading stance and their strengths in the builder’s merchant and B2B markets.

We aim to be your eyes and ears on the ground at these events and share whatever knowledge we glean, to save your time and budgets! However, if you would like to talk to Unified about any of these topics in more depth, please feel free to reach out for a no obligation conversation. We offer consultancy services that can support retail brands in their planning their ecommerce roadmap and marketing efforts. Get in touch now!

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