Feed your Adobe Addiction: the latest updates from Adobe Commerce

3rd February 2023

For those who haven’t seen, or heard about, the recent Adobe releases and updates, we’ve got you!

With Adobe Commerce, ecommerce businesses such as yours can focus on delivering high value immediately instead of lengthy and complex implementations that become more effort than they are worth. In their latest release, mid-January, Adobe announced the introduction of brand-new extensible capabilities that are designed to drastically reduce the time for customers to integrate services and ramp up the deployment of new features. Not to mention they have also decreased the cost to maintain and upgrade your composable commerce application.

Keep reading for some interesting announcements... 

1. Release schedule updated

Adobe continually strives to find the right balance between making product upgrades simple but beneficial for their users. They have now refined how they deliver software to support this.

Key date to know: March 14th 2023 - 2.4.6 release date

You can find the full release schedule here*

*Take note-There is no 2.5 release planned as they move away from core updates towards API based improvements and features.

2. Updates to the lifecycle policy

Get ready, because releases are now supported for 3 years! To better streamline their lifecycle policy and to support the mission-critical needs of customers, Adobe Commerce are expanding their support window to three years from the General Availability (GA) date for Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 and later.

This means Adobe Commerce 2.4.6 is available until March 2026 (put it in your diaries).

3. And finally, Adobe introduces next-generation extensibility for digital commerce

Adobe Commerce continues to move towards a composable commerce model with Cloud-native Saas products such as App Builder, API Mesh and I/O Events:

  • API Mesh is an API orchestration layer that is included with App Builder and can combine multiple sources of API into a single unified graph 

  • Adobe I/O Events provides a seamless way to capture events and transfer data from Commerce and other systems to build near-real-time apps and integrations.

  • Adobe Developer App Builder is a serverless extensibility platform for integrating and creating custom experiences to extend Adobe solutions, and it’s now available for Adobe Commerce.

With the introduction of these powerful new capabilities, Adobe is helping businesses realize the benefits of a composable architecture with lower development and maintenance overheads

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