Hyvä Meetup #6

6th February 2023

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As a supplier partner with Hyvä - the frontend for Magento 2 that’s fast, performant and fun to work with - we play an active role in the Hyvä community. So whenever new functionality and features are released (which is frequently), the businesses we work with are among the first to benefit and gain a competitive edge.

Hyvä meetup is a virtual event for everyone who is interested in Hyvä for Magento. Why should one consider Hyvä for a Magento based online-store? What does a team need to implement a project with Hyvä? How can extensions be made compatible with a Hyvä Themes frontend? What are the experiences other first-time users make with Hyvä? And so many more questions get covered and discussed.

In this latest update, January 24th 2023, we received demos for checkout options from Rajeev K Tomy and Willem Poortman and saw an exciting roadmap reveal from Willem Wigman and Thien-Lan Weber about the imminent exclusive availability of Hyvä Checkout.

Hyvä is still showing strong growth with almost 1500 stores using it and at this meetup we heard directly from those building checkout experiences to understand what's new and when you should opt for which solution and why. With a swift and frictionless online checkout experience, ecommerce customers can quickly finish their order with no fuss or hesitation - the ultimate goal of any online store we can assure you! With a Hyvä based frontend, you have different options for your store's checkout.

Option one - React Checkout

The first option discussed was React Checkout. Improvements, bug fixes and new features have been added recently, with the expectation that a stable Version 2 is going to be released this year. Hyvä React Checkout is an open-source Magento 2 module which provides a fast-performing checkout page powered by React (a modern JavaScript library). This is considered an experimental starting block for a React based checkout, it is not plug-and-play and requires custom work to support additional payment methods and shipping providers.

With Version 2 to be released this year here’s what you need to know about opting for a react checkout:

  • Hyvä React Checkout is not a drop-in replacement for the default Luma checkout, it is a starting block designed to be extended for your business requirements

  • In Hyvä React Checkout, the UI is constructed using React Components so strong JavaScript/React knowledge is required

  • Hyvä React Checkout can be used with a Hyvä based theme or with a Luma based theme

Option two - Hyvä Checkout (Early access launching soon)

The second option discussed was a brand new Magento checkout solution from Hyvä. Hyvä Themes primary function is to make a developer’s life easier! So doesn’t it make perfect sense that after successfully fixing performance and reducing complexity with Hyvä Themes, they decided to take on the next big challenge in e-commerce development: the checkout?

Built from the ground up using the same tech stack as Hyvä (Tailwind, Alpine and Magewire PHP). All of the frustrations of a standard Luma checkout have been stripped out, no more RequireJS or Knockout and with a focus on performance, user and developer experience. We are really excited about this new product from Hyvä and cannot wait to use it!

Hyvä Checkout is built with Magewire and offers a streamlined checkout experience built upon the success and core values of the Hyvä theme. Magewire moves most logic to backend, meaning you can still use JavaScript on the frontend, but you hardly even need to! Think about how much time will that save!

At launch, Multisafepay, PayPal, Mollie, Buckaroo payment methods will be available with Hyvä Checkout but we are confident others will follow not long after.

What else is coming?

  • The majority of Adobe Commerce features are going to be integrated into the default Hyvä theme in the next 6 months

  • Anton and Thien-Lan from One Step Checkout have joined the Hyvä team as well as Danny Uranka who will be spearheading the Hyvä UI kit launching later this year

  • The Hyvä community continues to grow with a new Hyvä website, new partners and many more extensions being made compatible with Hyvä

Feel free to talk to us about how we've used Hyvä for our clients, or how we can help you. As an added bonus, the front-end tech stack chosen for Hyvä is the same as we chose to build our Shopify framework "Origin", which means our development team can flex between eCommerce platforms while using the same front-end technologies!

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