Shopify Editions Winter '23: Our top picks

20th February 2023

Shopify Editions, is a twice-annual update from Shopify to help speed up, and optimise, the development process of e-commerce website builds for both businesses and developers. Last week over 100 updates and products were announced to the Shopify platform in order to help e-commerce businesses thrive throughout 2023 and beyond.

Here are our top picks:

1. New Checkout Rollout

The checkout you know, and trust, is getting a revamp. Think simpler and faster! This year, Shopify are rolling out an all-new, one-page checkout inspired by Shop Pay's proven conversion. It's faster, higher-converting, and exactly what your customers expect.

This means fewer fields for customers to fill out, making it faster to complete purchases; fewer page loads, leading to less friction for customers; which in turn leads to higher conversion rates. It’s a win-win!

2. Marketing Level-up

In this competitive landscape, we all know it’s important to create strong customer partnerships - that’s why we look after our clients! With the latest Shopify updates you can make your marketing budget go further with the right tools to target, reach, and re-engage those high-value customers.

You can now use Shopify to build authentic partnerships, using their creator platform to segment customers, in order to drive sales. This includes the ability to set up marketing automations to send emails to customers who abandon a cart or checkout, or who browse products without buying.

3. Translate & Adapt App

The latest Shopify editions is taking us global! Selling internationally has never been more within reach. Now you can engage more customers with regional, seasonal, and cultural relevance by localising your online store content across markets. How? You can use the side-by-side editor to add, edit, and review translated content, and automatically translate up to two languages completely free.

4. New B2B Functionality

B2B was already enhanced on Shopify six months ago, but now you can now build custom B2B apps and solutions to help Shopify Plus grow and scale their DTC and B2B stores from one platform. This latest release includes checkout UI extensions based on B2B buyer identity, the ability to create quantity rules for products and variants, including minimums and maximums, case-packs, as well as allowing you to send your customers a customizable welcome email.

5. Hydrogen 2

In the last version of Shopify Editions we were introduced to Hydrogen and Oxygen, a modern React-based framework and built-in hosting solution to accelerate headless development on Shopify. Now, in the latest edition, we get Hydrogen 2.

Hydrogen 2 features a new Storefront API which makes querying simpler. It includes starter templates and a CLI to get you up and running quickly, and Remix-optimized components to make the hard parts simple (great right?) Want to know what’s new in Hydrogen 2?

Bonus: did we forget to mention improved performance will be unlocked by Remix-powered advancements like optimistic UI, nested routing, and progressive enhancement? Because it will...

6. Shop Minis

Shop Minis is a brand new program that allows you to build mobile shopping experiences in the Shop app for 100 million buyers. You can combine your app functionality with out-of-the-box components that are easy to implement either in the Shop app or with the Shopify React Native SDK. There are also pre-built components such as search, product pages, and cart to help make an incredible mobile shopping experience for your customers. Access the initial release.

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