MyBeautyBrand is Live on Magento 2

12th June 2019

We’re delighted to have partnered with MyBeautyBrand on the launch of their new Magento 2 site.

Founded by Robin Derrick, former creative director for British Vogue, and business partner Max Leykind (co-founder Eyeko), the platform allows anybody to open a personalised e-store on the platform, share beauty looks and earn a commission on products sold.

The launch of MyBeautyBrand is timely, as distrust of influencers reaches an all-time high. Despite increased ad spending on influencer marketing, 96% of people do not trust influencers, according to research conducted by YouGov and Grey London. Instead of chasing influencers to drive revenue, MyBeautyBrand puts emphasis self-expression, allowing customers to discover products organically through looks that inspire them, rather than #spon heavy posts.

MyBeautyBrand launched alongside ByME, a 60-strong product range. Robin is also working with beauty legends like nail artist Marian Newman, who has created her first range of colourful nail polishes for the Artist’s collection.

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