Lola Rose redesign

3rd November 2016

Lola Rose is a British jewellery brand and a reflection of founders Nikki Gewirtz’s vision. Receiving a piece of stunning jewellery for her 30th birthday, Nikki was truly inspired to create her own effortless yet timeless product, which were affordable little bits of luxury. Quickly gaining brand awareness and a respectable reputation, Lola Rose needed a website which answered to their increasing customer demand.

Coming to us back in early spring of this year – we did exactly that. Redesigning a fully responsive site to give it a fresher spin, it was crucial that we kept to the unique brand ethos which Lola Rose represented, whilst also ensuring of exceptional and seamless user experience. With Black Friday long gone and the festive season just upon us, we knew how crucial it was to launch a brand new and successful site before Christmas manic begins.

Although the site is built in Magento, it suffered from slow load speed which caused interruption in user experience and which resulted in high page bounce rates. By carrying out back and front-end audits of the site really gave us an insight into how we could improve this and define recommendations when changing coding and redesigning for the new site.

Magento Site Audit – a strong starting position

Carrying out these audits along with a series of scoping sessions, really allowed us to discover the main areas which we needed to concentrate on (take a look at the full case study here);

  1. Rapid site load

  2. User insight to minimise bounce rate

  3. Search engine optimisation

Working closely with their existing SEO agency HitSearch, it was imperative to make sure that the new Lola Rose site is fully optimised to improve search ratings and site rankings. It was also essential that we maintained the existing equity from the old site as well as creating a redirect mapping plan.

Along with redesigning the entire website we also took on their blog, which is now linked together. Previously abandoned, it had never been at the fore front of Lola Rose’s mind. Having an up to date blog full of great, brand appropriate content can really engage with your customers, giving them an insight into your brand and help to build on the lifestyle you want to convey. As Lola Rose already has a strong brand following and we know it’s only the beginning for them, a revamped blog has been an important communication channel to take forward.

Magento CMS

One of the fundamentals that we wanted for the team at Lola Rose to take away from the new site, was the ability to easily manage pages and content themselves by introducing CMS platforms WordPress and VisualComposer. Not only does this give them the opportunity to respond fast to the ever evolving digital consumer, but it also has given them a superb platform to take forward and build on in the future.

It’s been a challenging yet exciting project – Lola Rose is a client we are very happy and proud to have in our portfolio!

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