Leading indian fashion brand break new ground at raishma.co.uk

15th April 2014

Best known as trailblazers in the world of Asian fashion, Raishma have recently invested in a brand new online shop, created by e-commerce agency Diligent.

Founded by Raishma Islam over a decade ago, Raishma has built her reputation on beautiful contemporary fusion wear, inspired by the East and the West. Diligent believed the previous site was a barrier to growing sales and brand awareness, appearing both dated and lacklustre.

Tasked with design, development and marketing for the new site, Diligent set out to build a website that would reflect the quality of the brand, offer an effortless user experience and drive sales.

The new site was built on the Magento Community platform which not only offers flexible design solutions but also allows for easy in-house management. Diligent project manger Luca Castiglioni explained: “It’s important to us that any site we build is easy to maintain and update regularly and giving the client the freedom to add new content easily is key to increasing traffic to the site”.

With this in mind, Diligent have not only created attractive new product detail pages that give each garment plenty of space to shine but sought to give the site a more editorial look and feel through the introduction of a blog and behind-the-scenes video content. Now, visitors to the site can take guidance from Raishma’s experts before they purchase, whether they are looking for a wedding outfit or holiday look, get advice on what make-up to wear with a particular outfit or find out which styles are most popular with celebrities.

Further steps were taken to maximise traffic and sales through stitching in search from the outset, to make sure potential customers had the best chance of finding the site based on its keywords. Diligent CEO and co-founder Simon Bell is keen to stress the ongoing importance of SEO: “It should never be an after-thought, in an online retail market this competitive, you can’t afford not to make SEO a priority.”

Since its relaunch, Raishma.co.uk has enjoyed more traffic, higher engagement and increased sales – giving this unique brand the online presence it deserves.

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