Keeping Up With Klaviyo: Our Event Highlights

10th July 2023

On Tuesday 27th June, Klaviyo hosted its highly anticipated second K:LDN event at The Brewery London, UK. The event brought together ecommerce professionals, marketing enthusiasts, and industry leaders for a day of insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and knowledge sharing to discover what it takes to thrive in our current economic climate.

K:LDN 2023 focused on key themes such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, sustainability, digital transformation, and the future of work in the ecommerce industry. Renowned speakers and experts shared their expertise, experiences, challenges, and forward-thinking ideas, providing attendees such as ourselves with actionable strategies and inspiring visions for success in the ever-evolving global landscape.

Keep reading if you want to hear our highlights from the day:

Klaviyo for Wellness

It was exciting to see Klaviyo's expertise and passion for commerce being extended to a new category.

Klaviyo’s new solution combines advanced automation, personalised marketing campaigns, and customer segmentation to drive meaningful engagement and conversion. By harnessing the power of Klaviyo’s robust flexible data infrastructure, wellness businesses can unlock valuable insights, identify target audiences, and deliver highly targeted and relevant messages to their clients at every stage of the customer journey.

As technology continues to disrupt industries and transform the way we live and work, Klaviyo serves as a platform to explore the challenges and opportunities brought by these advancements. Attendees were able to gain a much deeper understanding of the latest trends, emerging technologies, and innovative solutions that Klaviyo leans on to revolutionise businesses and shape a better future through their expansion into wellness.

“With the increasing demand for wellness products and services, it’s become crucial for businesses in this industry to leverage advanced data and marketing strategies to stand out from the competition and better engage with their current and future clients.”

Andrew Bialecki, co-founder and CEO - Klaviyo.

Insightful talks

Keynote speaker Rory Sutherland explored the role of experimentation in marketing. His talk left us thinking around the importance of presenting creative ideas to rational minds. As creators, we must effectively communicate and showcase our ideas to those who may approach them from a different perspective.

It was also great to hear from keynote speaker Mary Portas about her work with the Better Business Act and how she is championing change to protect our planet in business. Mary discussed the changes in consumer behaviour as a result of the economy, the digital revolution and efforts to protect the environment. With critical insight, she examined how different retail sectors are responding to climate change and how brands of all shapes and sizes can best stand out to fix the problems we face as a nation.

The Launch of Klaviyo Reviews

We were amongst the lucky ones who heard first hand from Klaviyo about the launch of Klaviyo Reviewes at K:LDN. Klaviyo reviews enables Shopify merchants to collect product reviews with their customer data and messaging in one platform, leading to a more seamless customer experience, more accurate reporting, and time saved through application consolidation.

Our favourite feature is that Klaviyo reviews will help ecommerce brands consolidate their tech stack so they don’t need to juggle multiple log-ins (amazing!) It also allows users to manage different platforms for real-time shipment tracking to ensure that review requests are sent only to customers who have actually received their product.

Learn more here.

Companies as products, people as creators

Klaviyo reinforced the idea that companies are not just entities; they are products crafted by people. As creators, we can therefore empower retailers. Partnerships with the right creators can evolve to joint marketing efforts, co-branded promotions, and cross-promotion, allowing wider brand awareness.

The best-selling eyelash serum brand, UKLASH, has hit the nail on the head and taken the world by storm. We were so inspired by its incredible success story and learnt how the brand has acquired a loyal and repeat buying customer base in 118 countries—all in just four years by showcasing quality products, fostering community engagement, and leveraging social media and influencers to build brand awareness and trust. UKLASH maintains an email marketing strategy to nurture relationships with its customer base to create a sense of community. Their creative email campaigns provide valuable content and promotions to encourage repeat purchases and foster customer loyalty.

UKLASH also encourages its customers to share their lash extension results and experiences on social media using branded hashtags. This user-generated content serves as social proof and helps to build trust among potential customers. UKLASH then actively engages with customers through these posts by re-sharing their content, and fostering a sense of community and appreciation.

"It's crucial for software to evolve alongside us, transforming from "an era of simple software to intelligent software."

Ed Hallen Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer - Klaviyo

Product Roadmap

Klaviyo is at the forefront of enabling retailers to thrive in a multi-channel world, with heavy investment into mobile and SMS expansion in Europe; as well as advancements in generative and predictive AI functionality within the Klaviyo Platform. At K:LDN we learnt all about the broader investments being made in improvement usability (managing multiple storefronts), going back to their guiding product philosophy of delighting customers. It definitely seems more is to come on how retailers can leverage and effectively manage and activate their data within Klaviyo.


As the event drew to a close, attendees were treated to a vibrant festival-themed party. The venue was transformed with decorations, including an array of Hawaiian shirts and bucket hats, adding a playful touch to the festivities. An amazing photobooth was set up, allowing guests to capture memorable moments & the space transformed into a networking party!

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