How the Magento 2 Checkout is Improving Conversion

5th August 2017

Magento 2 is now exploding onto the scene, especially with sunset due in January 2018. If you haven’t already seen the checkout experience, you’re in for a treat!

A shocking 67% of baskets are abandoned each year and can be the bane of an ecommerce business existence. Unsurprisingly, the main reason people leave checkout is because of the checkout itself, but more specifically:

  • Forced to create an account

  • Checkout is slow to load

  • Checkout experience takes too long

  • Not enough payment options

  • Not enough shipping options


Thank fully, the checkout has undergone a major re-fit, improving the flow and layout. What’s more, it’s driven by better JavaScript and KnockoutJS, so we’re looking at a faster experience too!

The checkout is the most important step of any ecommerce website and the new Magento 2 one really has been built with conversion and better UX overall in mind.

Here’s a sneak peak of the best parts!

  1. Assumed guest checkout – forcing customers to create an account is one of the quickest routes to basket abandonment. This assumptive guest checkout is quick, easy and way more user friendly because you’re straight into the checkout flow, not an initial landing page. That’s one less click already!

  2. Interactive login prompts for account holders – if you already have an account, the email field you’ve just finished typing in will detect your details and reveal the enter password field below.

  3. Let’s do the two step – clear two steps are defined at the top as shipping and payment. It’s that easy.

  4. Better mobile layout – Goodbye tedious long checkout on mobile! Now that the number of steps to checkout have been reduced and the order of data input has changed, this means that there are fewer forms to complete.

  5. Saves addresses by default – another benefit for account holders is that your addresses are automatically saved against your account by default, so the next time you login, you select the address and you’re straight to payment.

  6. Shipping address first – so many checkouts still use the billing first approach when really consumers want to input what they care about most first – delivery address. Billing comes after in Magento 2 and assumes its the same as your delivery. Hurrah!

  7. Shipping options after – shipping methods are now dynamic which means that customers are only shown delivery options available to them based on their location.

  8. Automatic card detection – one less step for the user, one greater step towards conversion! Particularly useful for mobile customers who will be even less interested in selecting the card type from a drop down.

  9. Distraction free – There isn’t much on the page to distract potential customers from their purchase. The navigation has been completely stripped, meaning the entire experience is focussed on getting users to convert through the funnel.

  10. More bespoke – from the technical side of things, everything is much more modular and separated out into components, which makes the new checkout easier to customise!

  11. Pre-integrated PayPal and Braintree – that’s right! These two payment options are already integrated into Magento 2, allowing you to reduce abandoned carts by serving up more payment options.

  12. Gifting options – these have been moved from an awkward stage of the checkout flow (like in Magento 1) to the basket page itself, making the checkout process even more distraction free and lightweight.

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