Five Reasons We Love Magento 2.0

28th June 2016

Magento 2.0 arrived in November 2015 and is already set to improve the way we manage our eCommerce.

Providing enhanced optimisation, scalability, conversion and user experience, and an entire suite of new ecommerce tools to assist, all upgraded and re-coded to match Magento 2.0’s performance, it’s bound to be on any Ecommerce Manager’s wishlist.

The platform upgrade empowers businesses and brands in both B2C and B2B industries, quickly delivering engaging ecommerce experiences.

Five Magento 2.0 improvements we think you’ll love:

ONE – Simplified Product Import CSV

We can hear sighs of relief from Magento website managers the world over for this one. You guessed it! There are fewer columns to fill in, making this once arduous task way less time consuming.

TWO – Checkout

Remember the one-page checkout or five step checkout? Forget them. The new process is much more simple and will ultimately result in higher conversion and lower basket abandonment rates.

Step one – Delivery details
Step two – Billing and payment.

THREE – Re-skinned CMS

We’ve always thought that the back end of your website should look just as nice as the front end that your customer’s see. With Magento 2.0, managers will see a much more polished flat design with a better user interface from start to finish. Notably, the dashboard has been simplified for easier admin management.

FOUR – Customer Centric Performance and Optimisation

Magento has quite literally been stripped down and rebuilt from the ground up by their team to be quicker, easier and safer than its predecessors.

Performance is improved by using a separate database entirely for order processing, improved browser rendering, higher levels of image compression, static content and full page caching. It also has full HTML5 support and a re-envisioned CSS pre-processor, allowing significantly improved scalability, faster speeds, reduced disk reads and network round-trips in turn.

Essentially, everything is faster for managers and customers, helping to improve conversion rates yet again.

FIVE – Robust Magento Marketplace

The Marketplace has also seen changes. This trusted place to find extensions has now been transformed to an arena where extensions have to be analysed and deemed worthy as an add-on to the Magento 2 platform before they’re even able to be bought. Say goodbye to inflated popularity scores and plagiarised extensions. It will now be a reliable marketplace for merchants, Magento Commerce, solution partners, and decent extension developers.

We’re already working  on several Magento 2.0 websites which we’re launching this summer, so keep your eyes pealed!

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