Diligent launches UK site for children's footwear company PLAE

6th February 2016

We here at Diligent are incredibly excited to have launched the UK website for PLAE children’s footwear!

Ryan Ringholz founded PLAE in 2012. He used the latest technologies in footwear creation, often reserved for top athletes, to create children’s shoes that are comfortable enough, flexible enough and vibrant enough to keep up with a busy child’s life.

PLAE has set the standard for style in children’s footwear in the US, and now they are bringing their mix of comfort and cool to the UK shores. In order to display such an interesting brand, we needed to ensure that their website properly represents the playfulness as well as the excellent functionality of their shoes.

We accomplished this by taking a lot of what we had learned with their sister company, Salt-Water Sandals, and pairing their smart sensibility with PLAE’s playfulness. Since the two companies are inherently linked, their brands have similar ideals and styles, but PLAE has a much more vibrant, youthful twist to it, which had to be represented in their site.

We worked closely alongside the PLAE team to perfectly encapsulate the essence of PLAE, which was accomplished by:

– Making the website simple and user-friendly which allows customers to always find what they are looking for
– Designing a bright and playful aesthetic, helping customers get in touch with the inner child
– Using excellent video and imagery across the whole site to great effect in showcasing the excellent shoes that the brand offers
– Optimising the site’s user interface to ensure the best user experience possible

The PLAE website, just like the PLAE shoe, is an elegant mix of function and form, both working in perfect harmony to create a marvelous work of ecommerce. From the simplistic design of the navigation, to the beautiful imagery that truly exemplifies the whims of childhood, this really is not a website to miss.

You can check out the site here: www.goplae.co.uk and see for yourself.

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