Design Inspiration – April

6th April 2018

New websites flood on to the online space everyday and new trends and interactions arise with it. At LogicSpot, we love being inspired by beautiful designs and it’s important for us to be on top of these latest trends and best web practices, to provide the most up-to-date solutions for our clients.

We would like to share with you some inspiring ecommerce website designs we are loving this month.


This young Canadian brand, Yelvy, uses retro and modern effects on their online shop to create fun and dynamic interactions. Particularly loving the use of emojis on call to actions that make the brand experience memorable.


Gucci‘s exploring innovative ways to illustrate their products – this spring summer collection website displays their collection through series of interactive, surreal, painting like illustrations. Go see for yourself!


Nike has recently made some notable UX changes to their product page.

  1. More visuals
    The left hand gallery is split into two columns and consists of a auto looping video of a model shot. This allows the users to view the product in multiple angles without a single click or scroll.

  2. Colour options as photos
    Instead of a traditional dropdown for a colour selector, they are using photos to easily communicate other designs available in the same range.

  3. Show all sizes as buttons
    Dropdown size selector has been replaced with a clean selectable table that shows all available sizes. This eliminates an extra click users usual would need to make in a traditional ecommerce site and allows them to see stock availability immediately.

It’s clear they have put their focus on giving their online customers as much information as possible with minimal action required from them. Thumbs up!


Aurate is a young New York based jewellery brand with a simple, well curated online shop.

  1. Brand voice on filters
    Aurate have a clean simple filter on their category page with a small touch of brand voice. By including phrases like ‘I know what I want’, ‘I’m looking for’ to the filters, it adds personality to the site. Furthermore, they engage with the target customers by speaking in their tone of voice.

  2. A video can speak a thousand images
    Aurate uses well curated product videos to effectively show off their products. Videos are great in showing the scale and usage of products, so the customers don’t have to figure it out for themselves.

Concluding thought

In recent days, the world of ecommerce web design seem to be opening up to trying innovative ways to engage with customers. It’s evolving quickly away from just focusing on large imagery with screaming call to actions, to something more user-focused. And delivering a memorable brand experience to their online users. These were just a few picks we wanted to share with you this month and we’d love to hear your thoughts too.

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