Creative Commerce and Why It’s Important for Brands

28th October 2022|Design & UX, Strategy,

Technology, digital marketing and User Experience (UX) advances, coupled with forever shifting buying behaviours in response to the former, means that consumers are becoming more empowered.

The key areas that have changed are what matters to the consumer and how to build a successful conversion rate based on this. How brands then interpret that then moulds our online shopping experiences.

But it’s not just about conversion-driven website design. It’s about creating an emotional connection with customers through a creative ecommerce experience that brings brands to life and in turn, keeps customers returning to your website.

Creative Commerce is a concept that considers the long running performance of an ecommerce experience, not just the interim.

What is creative commerce?

Creative Commerce does hail a suite of best practice pro-forma. Nevertheless, the design and user experience that supports this construct is uniquely adaptable to each, and every brand; it must be.

We all know that every brand is different, with a matching in store experience to support their identity, so why have a website that looks like everyone else’s as well?

It’s about –

Having a Beautiful design

First impressions last!

Potential customers can arrive on any page of your website via search engine results, so it’s important that they all look outstanding and provide easy access to product categories at every stage. Whether it’s through a key landing page, clear navigation, product integration on your blog or designated image regions for a more subtle merchandising approach.

A new category landing page for Eastpak’s collections that we launched recently saw conversion rates increase 2.5 above the usual rate within the first week –

Giving a memorable experience

Blending best practice and individuality is the building block on which Creative Commerce sits. We believe that whilst the principle features and functionality are the same, no responsive website should be born from a ‘cookie cutter’ design or layout.

Our design for Ralph and Russo’s product page is a good example of where a traditional feature set meets a unique style.

Presenting a micro-user experience

Smaller elements that guide consumers through the website with ease, improve conversion rates and revenue, all without affecting aesthetic. Whether it’s the way certain elements are animated on scroll or a ‘back to top’ button that follows users on scroll.

Staying on-brand 

Creating an emotional relationship with your consumers through the language and photography used in store and online. Brand authenticity creates better connections with consumers – allow yours to get to know you!

Lock & Co Hatters website unifies their heritage-fuelled experience in-store online through an interactive timeline.

Bringing everything omni-channel

Unifying your brand experience online and offline is crucial to maintaining that emotional connection with customers and fundamentally, your retention rate.

Creating shareable content

A website is a marketing tool for your brand and your products. Current and potential customers will be more likely to share your brand online if it’s engaging and beautiful.

#fitspo and shopping unite on the #inVarley page which encourages social sharing of products in exchange for a chance to be featured on the website. Customers can shop the outfits of their favourite influencers in Varley’s shoppable and curated website feed.

Utilising the ‘halo effect’

Key elements that form a Creative Commerce experience are based on first impressions. They stick with your customers and if you want them to stick with you, giving that excellent first impression is vital.

“Your first impression of a thing sets up your subsequent beliefs. If the company looks inept to you, you may assume everything else they do is inept….That’s the ‘halo effect’.” – David Kahneman

All brands react to the changes they need to make to keep the progression of their business on the up and it is absolutely dependent on their interpretation of the data that they have available to them, as well as their budget and objectives. But, the basic strive for uniqueness and wanting to give the impression of success is always there.

Can your business benefit from creative commerce?

Creative Commerce is not just about a pretty design, it’s about an unparalleled user experience that defines a brand’s personality by marrying tried and tested features with a bespoke, and imaginative approach to design; a necessity if a brand wants to perform well online.

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