Black Friday 2024: Tips and trends for B2B ecommerce retailers

Emma Gleaden, Marketing Manager
1st July 2024

Black Friday has been a shopping bonanza for B2C retailers since the 1950s. It has been marked as the day after Thanksgiving, signalling the start of the Christmas shopping frenzy. The retail holiday is now a global phenomenon, especially in the West. As an agency that has a fair few B2B clients on the books, we think that more B2B brands should start to consider the advantages of participating in what has traditionally been considered an event for the B2C market. Here are a few considerations from us on whether you should start roadmapping a Black Friday campaign as a B2B retailer:

B2B Buyers Are Consumers Too

Remember, business buyers are also consumers. They’ll react to deals on business purchases just like they would to a great offer on new sneakers. With 73% of B2B buyers being millennials who prefer online shopping, they expect a B2C-like experience in the B2B world. They’ve grown up with Black Friday and are ready to take advantage of the deals for their businesses.

Is Black Friday Right for Your B2B Business?

Not all B2B merchants will find Black Friday suitable, but here’s a quick guide to see if it’s a fit for you:

  • Who Benefits Most? If you sell to businesses that run their own Black Friday campaigns (think FMCG, fashion, office supplies), a B2B Black Friday could be perfect. These buyers often prefer not to interact with sales reps for repeat purchases, making online deals very appealing.

  • Who Might Struggle? If you’re selling highly specific products or dealing with large corporations that require multiple approvals, a one-day sale might not work. Complex B2B software or niche products often need a longer sales process. Perhaps you could opt for a similar startegy to our own client, Fixfast, who last year who ran some social content on supporting businesses logistically during the Black Friday period.

Fixfast's Black Friday LinkedIn post, 2023

Considerations Before You Dive In

If you’re thinking about jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon, ask yourself:

  1. Does it align with your strategy? If another KPI is more important than sales volume, reconsider.

  2. Can you afford it? If discounts will hurt your cash flow, it might not be worth it.

  3. Can you handle it? Make sure you have the stock and staff to manage a surge in orders. Ensure your website can handle increased traffic.

Choosing the Right Deals

If you’re ready to go, decide on the types of offers:

  • Limited-time discounts

  • High-spender rewards

  • Hourly promotions

  • Multi-buy offers

  • Extended warranties

  • Free gifts

  • Special offers on best sellers

  • Reactivation offers for inactive customers

  • Personalized deals

Non-Discount Ideas

Want to avoid slashing prices? Consider creative campaigns like planting a tree for every order placed on Black Friday, enhancing your brand’s image while participating in the event.

Timing Your Deals

Think about when to run your deals. If your buyers are more active earlier in the week or after Black Friday, consider Cyber Monday instead.

Communicating Your Deals

Promote your offers through:

  • Personalized emails

  • Black Friday newsletters

  • Social media posts

  • Paid advertising targeting key buyer segments

Preparation Is Key

Before the big day:

  1. Fortify your website: Ensure it can handle traffic spikes.

  2. Boost customer service: Make sure your team knows all the deals.

  3. Simplify payments: Offer quick, convenient checkout options.

The verdict?!

Black Friday isn’t just for B2C. For many B2B merchants, this period of deals and discounts can drive consumer demand and boost business. Are you ready to seize the opportunity? If so, contact us here at Unified, we are on hand to offer consultancy, design and development surrounding your 2024 Black Friday roadmap to ensure your campaign is a huge success.

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