The 5 Stages of Black Friday

30th November 2014

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend! Our clients are gearing up for the weekend, and have been busy prepping – so we thought we would share our thoughts on how to cope with the 5 Stages of Black Friday.

1.  Denial

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are associated with Thanksgiving which is a 4-day holiday in the US – and Cyber Monday actually dates back to the early days of ecommerce when people would return to work after their long weekends and shop the sales from their desk. Even though Thanksgiving is not a big deal on our limey shores, it is hard to deny the impact this tradition has had on the retail landscape. Last year the total spending reached almost $2 billion, and this year is expected to be even bigger. This trend has made its way to the UK, with a predicted half a billion pounds to be spent by consumers. What’s more, Cyber Monday is set to be bigger still, so you still have the weekend to wrap your head around it.

2. Anger

Black Friday isn’t always smooth sailing, and 15 people were injured last year in America. People can get a bit furious when bargain hunting and competing for offers, so you may find yourself the recipient of some punchy emails and calls from stressed-out customers. Remember to find your Zen.

3. Bargaining

This really is the name of the game, but discounts and deals aren’t necessarily a negotiation. Don’t be afraid to hold your nerve. That said – it would be worth taking a page out of John’s Lewis’ book, who call it like it is: “If our competitors have a sale, we have sale”. Keep your ear to the ground.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that BitCoin Black Friday is a thing now, so you should probably be on the lookout – your more tech-savvy customers may be looking for deals if they pay with this digital currency. Stay tuned to our blog for more about BitCoin next week….

4. Depression

Next week you’re probably going to feel pretty relieved that Cyber Monday is finally over – but Manic Monday is just around the corner (well, it’s the following Monday) and is predicted to be even bigger, with a forecasted £677m trading on the big day – 20% more than Black Friday. Don’t despair.

5. Acceptance

The fact is, Black Friday is here, and you can’t avoid it. The good news is, you can attract new clientele, learn more about your site through increased volume, and make a real impact to your Christmas trading figures. If you’re in ecommerce, the chances are you’ve lived through your fair share of Christmases and sales, so we’re confident you’ve got what it takes to survive. GO TEAM!

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