Welcome to Unified

16th November 2022

We’ve never subscribed to the view that e-commerce agencies exist simply to build and develop websites. Our clients and the industries we work with need lasting e-commerce partnerships that deliver on all fronts. Strategy, tech, creative and growth. And the best e-commerce partnerships are the ones designed to last, founded on collaboration and mutual trust. 

So when earlier this year we saw an opportunity to enhance what we offer as a partner - we grabbed it with both hands. 

For many months now, we’ve been quietly dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s to acquire design powerhouse and our long-time collaborators, Diligent Commerce. 

Now it’s finally time to launch as one agency, with all the tools in-house to unify creative and tech to move brands forward.

Allow us to introduce you to Unified.

Why Unified and why now?

Until now, we’ve been industry leaders in technical build, performance and strategy, while Diligent’s reputation is built on seamless, best-in-class UX and design. Having worked together so successfully on a number of joint ventures in recent years (check out our case studies on Boodles, Chaplins and Finnies), it became a no-brainer to make our union a permanent one. 

The way we work won’t change - but the sheer wealth of expertise we can offer will practically double overnight. At Unified, you’ll find a team of senior developers, designers and digital marketing experts working alongside the best project managers, account managers and consultants in the business. 

“Marrying the Diligent and LogicSpot teams makes us a world-class player and allows us to answer all client needs under one roof. In short, strategy, brand, technology and growth.”

- Mark Haller, Unified Founder

What can you expect from Unified?

We set out to be an extension of your team. From those first conversations about what your vision is, and what’s standing in your way, right through to build, launch and beyond. For those who have known us as LogicSpot, you’ll know we’ve always been able to offer this full-service experience, the main difference now is the depth and breadth of the talent we have on board.

At Unified, our enhanced services offering breaks down into six key areas.


We can support you with everything from goal-setting and roadmapping to technical solutions, creative direction and business processes. Our consultancy services get you from where your business is now, to where you want it to be.


Our experienced team of developers are certified in all of the leading e-commerce platforms. Between them, they have decades of experience delivering ingenious e-commerce solutions.


By getting to know businesses, brands and customers as if they were our own, we design exceptional digital experiences that work fluently across all devices and deliver increased revenue and brand loyalty.


Through PPC, SEO and Google Analytics, our digital marketing specialists build brands and businesses online. We listen to what our clients tell us they want to achieve, then use every digital tool at our disposal to get them there.


Our project and account delivery managers are the glue that binds Unified together, combining a deep understanding of e-commerce with technical, business and process understanding. They keep the wheels turning and the lines of communication open.


Our team can provide all the day to day support you need, from bug fixes and security patches to deployments. But you can also count on us to take the long view, supporting you to grow your business over time.

We have an ambition, and that’s for Unified to become the e-commerce agency most loved by businesses and brands. It’s an achievement we hope to earn by being a partner that prizes collaboration, puts our clients interests above all, and supports them to win and grow online. We hope you’ll be part of the journey.  But in the meantime, explore our new website, follow us on Instagram and get in touch if you’d like to find out more about this next chapter.

Want us to help grow your business?

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