Implementing Hyvä for Magento: The benefits, timescales and impacts on your ecommerce business

28th December 2023

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, the frontend of your website is a critical factor in driving success. It effects not only the usability and user experience for your customers, but also how your business functions operationally. In today’s economy, keeping developer costs low and reducing spend is becoming an increasing priority for CTO’s and Ecommerce Managers. This is where Hyvä, the Magento frontend solution, steps in, revolutionizing the way your online store operates.

What is Hyvä?

Hyvä is a built-from-scratch Magento 2 frontend that makes your online store ultra fast and improves its performance. Hyvä also saves you tons of development time and boasts one of the fastest returns on investment in the Magento product suite available on the market.

The name 'Hyvä,' meaning 'Good, Desirable, Trustworthy' in Finnish, encapsulates the core principles ingrained within its DNA. Hyvä was purposefully crafted to bring the best out of the Magento products available in the market, offering significant value not only to merchants but also to developers, agencies, and the end users of Magento 2-based websites.

How does Hyvä work?

Hyvä themes are Magento 2 themes built from scratch using a completely blank theme. All layout.xml, .phtml files and all JavaScript have been thrown out, resulting in a lean experience nowhere near as complex as the default Magento Luma theme. Hyvä works by rebuilding the Magento 2 frontend with lighter frameworks and removing heavy and complex elements for optimal page speed, without sacrificing on the functionality of your site. Hyvä leverages a lot of tools that come from the Laravel ecosystem. Laravel is a great example of a PHP ecosystem that is innovating and thriving in an incredible pace. In particular, we’re currently using TailwindCSS and AlpineJS to build a beautiful, fast and flexible frontend themes for Magento.

What are the benefits of Hyvä?

Faster site speed and better performance: Hyvä's strength lies in its ability to make your online store exceptionally fast and high-performing. This built-from-scratch Magento 2 frontend drastically reduces page load times, thereby enhancing user experience and satisfaction for your customers. Moreover, Hyvä streamlines development, saving considerable time and therefore development costs. For the majority of businesses, Hyvä can actually cut customisation time in half which accelerates your time-to-market for new products and services.

Improved Core Web Vital scores: Due to Hyvä's ability to improve the speed and performance of your site, your Core Web Vital scores will also drastically improve in conjunction. This will have a positive impact on your ranking on Google Search Result Pages and you bounce rates, as visitors are 24% less likely leave if your pages are loading at a fast speed. This will result in an increase in traffic, without the need to inflate paid ad budgets, and will also have a knock-on effect for your site’s conversion rates.

Our client, Fixfast, achieved a 57% increase in Organic Google Searches after implementing Hyvä, thanks to the sites' increased performance. You can read more about the Fixfast case study here: Case study: Fixfast B2B transformation | Unified

By implementing Hyva for Magento, Fixfast increased Organic Google Searches by 57%

How long does the Hyvä implementation take?

It really depends on the complexity of your site and how familiarized you are with Magento 2. If you’re site is not currently on Magento 2 or you wish to migrate to Magento, the process could take a little longer , but the benefits are still worth the extra time. However, if you work with a reputable Hyvä partner agency, such as Unified, the speed of implementation can be twice as fast and much more efficient.

As an example, with the Fixfast implementation mentioned above, the Hyvä implementation took around 12 weeks, but in this instance, the implementation of Hyvä was orchestrated alongside a wider digital transformation project for Fixfast that took 9 months in total.

Implementing Hyvä will provide you with an opportunity to review, audit and revise your front-end functionalities and design, so it’s a good idea to get an experienced agency on-board to support you with this.

How easy is Hyvä to use for internal teams?

Once the initial implementation of Hyvä has been completed, there are specific packages available for internal teams and training available that can be facilitated by Hyvä or your chosen agency. For Fixfast’s implementation, we also integrated a CMS platform called Storyblok, which made editing content on the front-end even more accessible for internal marketing teams and ecommerce managers.

Are there other Hyvä products I can take advantage of?

We’ve mainly covered information about Hyvä Themes in this blog post, but there are other Hyvä products available, namely:

  • Hyvä Checkout: A game-changing solution that simplifies and makes it cost-effective to enhance your checkout experience, a pivotal factor in driving conversions.

  • Hyvä Enterprise: Elevate your ecommerce game with top-notch performance and flexibility, seamlessly integrating with Adobe Commerce, B2B, and Adobe Sensei.

Does Hyvä integrate well with other platforms and technologies?

As mentioned above, Hyvä integrates phenomenally well with Storyblok, the headless CSM platform we utilised as part of Fixfast’s digital transformation project. We would advise most online retailers to really consider whether a headless CMS system would be of use to them when implementing Hyvä, if this is not already available to them, as its more cost-effective in terms of development time to implement the two technologies alongside each other as part of the same project.

Going back to our Fixfast case study, a testament to Hyvä's positive integration experiences is the fact that we integrated also integrated with Akeneo. Fixfast have a large catalogue of products with many product variations and complex data sets. By integrating Akeneo alongside Hyvä and Storyblok, we facilitated the efficient creation, approval and distribution of product data across all online channels, enabling the team to ensure that they can readily and easily update and manage product data in a centralised location.

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In summary, Hyvä represents a paradigm shift in optimizing Magento 2 frontend performance, offering a holistic solution that significantly benefits Magento 2 stores in multiple facets of their ecommerce operations. If you’d like to understand more about what the unique benefits could be for your business and are would like to discuss total cost of investment, get in touch here: Contact us | Ecommerce London | Unified.

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