How Fixfast transformed their online B2B capabilities through building the perfect tech stack

Emma Gleaden, Marketing Manager
26th January 2024

The tech stack power trio

Last November, we interviewed our client, Fixfast’s website Manager Derrick Herbert, as part of our Ecom Juiced webinar series. The webinar consisted of Rick Kirk, Head of Solutions and Innovation at Unified leading the discussion with Derrick Herbert, Website Manager at Fixfast. We also had guest speakers Haris Tahic, Senior Account Executiv at Storyblok and Hans Singh, Account Executive at Akeneo. We deep dived into how the building supplies company has worked closely with the team here at Unified, as well as their key partners, to digitally transform their business and B2B capabilities online through integrating new tech such as Hyva, Akeneo and Storyblok, alongside redesigning the site. Before Fixfast embarked on the digital transformation project, they were experiencing the following challenges:

Fixfast's key challenges

  • The previous version of the site was just over 6 years old and was ‘well past' its expiry date.

  • The requirement to update the site was fast becoming urgent in a very competitive market where many of Fixfast’s competitors had already invested in redesigns/updates of their own websites.

  • Fixfast’s products are highly technical. But with multiple data points (engineering specs, product procurement info, warehousing info etc) there was a continual risk of misalignment of that information producing contradictory or even 'incorrect' data being presented to customers.

  • Updating product information on the site was a monumental task that would take hours of time. This would lead to operational insufficiencies and a site that wasn’t always up-to-date.

  • Since the original site was launched in 2017, Fixfast had grown considerably and technology had changed significantly. A rebuild of the site was required to better reflect who they were as a business, as well as making the most of the latest emerging technologies.

Digital Transformation

The new site was re-launched in September 2023 after 9 months of planning, development and deployment of the new tech and since then, Fixfast are seeing increasingly positive results such as an increase of 39% of customers visiting their site and 57% increases in organic Google searches. We explored this in-depth in the webinar, were we covered key questions and content such as:

  • How Akeneo has enabled them to better manage their product data

  • How Stroyblok has enabled better time management and the ability to make quick updates through a headless CMS

  • The positive results from implementing Hyva for Magento 2 as their front-end solution

  • What the impact of redesigning and redeveloping the Fixfast site with Unified has been in terms of measurable results

The replay is now available for you to watch:

Episode #1 | Ecom Juiced | How Fixfast transformed their online B2B capabilities through building the perfect tech stack

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