Our Top Shopify Apps for 2022

10th October 2022

Over the last few years Shopify has risen through the ranks to become one of the world’s leading ecommerce platforms, powering nearly two million stores. And while there are many ingredients that make it such a popular choice its wealth of dedicated plug-and-play Shopify apps is certainly a front-runner. With just a few, easy-to-connect modules you can turn your store into an ecommerce juggernaut.

But with so much diversity it can be difficult to know what app is going to give your site the cutting edge. As a specialist Shopify agency with dozens of projects under our belt LogicSpot has invested a lot of time working with our customers to find those true gems that will make your life easy and your ecommerce store shine. Below you will find those special apps that we find ourselves recommending time and time again.

Algolia – Search

There’s no shortage of powerful Shopify apps for Search but Algolia is our top pick. It plugs in seamlessly to deliver relevant AI-driven search results and spotlight the items you want your customers to see. What’s more, its powerful built-in analytics tool means you can constantly tweak and optimise your marketing strategy.

Klaviyo – email marketing

When it comes to direct-to-customer marketing, Klaviyo is the clear leader on Shopify. Supported by its robust CRM which keeps all your customer data in one place Klaviyo will send your customers tailored messages via email and SMS based on individual behaviour and preferences. And as a truly scalable platform Klaviyo can help your Shopify store flourish whether you’re a startup or a global empire.

Cookiebot – cookie policy

Cookie policy and GDPR in general can be a real thorn in the side of ecommerce businesses, and a costly one at that. And sorry if you’re someone that’s helped push legislation on this, or have instigated getting them in place everywhere – can we be done with them already, please? For now, we have to make sure we’re handling cookies and policy and permission correctly. This is where Cookiebot is a genuine saviour. Plugging straight into your Shopify site, it produces a customisable consent banner as soon as a customer lands on your site. And crucially, it regularly scans your cookies to make sure everything is above board and in line with current guidelines.

Elevar – hooking up Google Tag Manager and more

Another exclusive Shopify app, Elevar takes the hassle out of tagging and tracking data. Consolidating all the many channels you rely on to maximise conversions – from Google Analytics and Tag Manager to Facebook and TikTok – Elevar allows you to manage everything from one place. And underpinned by the leading data layer app on Shopify, you’ll get accurate trustworthy results as well as convenience.

Matrixify – bulk import and export

Being able to bulk import and export data is a godsend to anyone managing a busy eCommerce site. But on the flipside, it can be a frustrating process with inflexible file formats throwing up hundreds of errors. Want our advice? Matrixify is the app you need to make data management a pleasure. Using simple file formats you can manage all site data from a forgiving and intuitive interface, where you only need to import or export the fields you need.

Wishlist King – wishlists done well

For anyone lamenting a native Shopify wishlist, Wishlist King perfectly plugs that gap. With a free set up that customises the app to blend in with the rest of your site, customers can manage their own wishlists, both when logged in and out. It also integrates with Klaviyo and Google Analytics, can work across multiple languages, and even allows for wishlist sharing across social channels.

Globo Forms – forms, simplified

Even with Shopify’s intuitive CMS, creating and embedding contact forms can be tricky without some coding knowledge. Globo Forms can be easily plugged in to do the heavy lifting here with forms made easy through a simple drag and drop format. Even complex forms with multiple fields and file uploads can be built and embedded wherever you like in minutes.

And on the subject of Globo they have some handy stock management tools too. Pre-Order can boost sales by allowing products to be ordered while you’re waiting for stock to be replenished. And Back In Stock lets customers sign up for alerts when an item is out of stock and receive an email or SMS the second it’s available again. An invaluable tool when we’re still in the midst of a supply chain crisis.

Loqate – address verification

Loqate is the market leader when it comes to address verification. Quick to install and cheap to operate, it’ll save your customers valuable seconds at the Checkout. And in turn increase your conversions by allowing them to select their correct address as soon as they start typing. It will also help reduce annoying typos in delivery addresses and the detective work or returns that come with them.

Stockist – store locator

If you have traditional bricks and mortar stores, it’s well worth investing in Stockist. The Stockist Shopify app offers you an out of the box but fully customisable store locator, complete with interactive map. It can help improve your retail sales around the world. And it can give you valuable insights into where your customers are shopping and what they’re looking for.

Loyalty Lion – loyalty

And finally, Loyalty Lion is up there with the best. From simple free packages to monthly payment models it engages your customers across a range of side-wide activities. From purchases and sign ups to referrals and reviews, Loyalty Lion rewards customers with points that can be redeemed for products and promotions. If you need any more convincing, just check out some of the case studies documenting seriously impressive results.

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