Analytics and Digital Data

Gaining detailed and accurate knowledge of how shoppers are using and buying from your website is vital to understanding whether it is accomplishing business objectives.

Our Digital Data & Analytics service enables you to define, monitor and delve deeper into your success while ensuring that everything is based on accurate data.

Strategy - Defining a Measurement Framework

Whether you’re an established e-commerce website or just starting, there is one fundamental question that you should be asking yourself: “what does your website need to do to make your business a success?”

We will work with you to establish a measurement framework built around key business objectives that answer this, and set goals to help you successfully achieve each one.

Audits - Insights based on data richness and accuracy

Understanding customer behaviour is crucial; but what if the collected data that feeds shopper insights is inaccurate and, therefore, unreliable?

Our digital analytics specialists will surgically audit your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and other relevant marketing accounts, highlighting all areas of weakness and opportunity. From there, they will carry out an action plan designed to improve the reliability and richness of your data.

Reporting - Enabling informed decision-making

For many websites, Google Analytics is an untapped and overlooked source of invaluable insight. With the correct setup, it can provide powerful insight with the potential to inform crucial website decisions.

Our digital analytics specialists will enable this advanced level of intelligent decision making by configuring your Google Analytics account to a high standard and integrating data from multiple sources into custom reports or Google Data Studio. Areas covered may include Enhanced Ecommerce, goal tracking, advanced segmentation, custom channel groupings and more.

Tag Management - Efficient tag implementation

Tracking where your customers are coming from and where they are going to requires implementing additional tags. But this can cause pain points; separate tag requests from disconnected third-party vendors, all of which require development resource and result in unmanageable and littered code.

We use Google Tag Manager to unify and manage all tags; we always recommend migrating all existing tags to Google Tag Manager to speed up and scale the process of tag implementation while keeping your code clean.

Workshops - Delving deeper into website performance

As well as establishing a measurement framework and carrying out an implementation plan, we like to run regular collaborative workshop sessions where we can openly discuss performance trends and topics of importance related to your website.

As an output, we will collate a stream of prioritised and road mapped actions that require further detailed analysis; conclusions from this analysis will lead to website improvements and hypotheses to be tested via CRO.

Training - Upskill your team in digital analytics

If your team doesn’t have the expertise to track, manage and analyse your customer data, our digital analytics experts can provide bespoke training sessions to show them how.

By upskilling your in-house resource, they will understand how to make better use of your data for measurement, analysis and optimisation purposes.

Consultancy and Ongoing support

We understand that it’s challenging to find the time to analyse, interpret, digest and act upon the amount of data available to eCommerce websites, especially when operating across multiple markets.

We’re here to help you keep a close eye on your analytics account and work with you to find the best solutions to any issue that may arise.

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