So what is Hyvä and why is it good?

Hyvä is an extremely well-optimised and high performing Magento 2 theme that we’ve been following from the moment it launched in 2021.

  • Consultancy & advice

  • Integration support

  • Open-source ecommerce

  • User experience

  • Speed optimisation

  • Responsive design

Optimised website performance with Hyvä
Hyvä brings the performance of a PWA site without the added effort.

Hyvä Theme is a game-changer in the world of Adobe Commerce (Magento) frontend development, offering an unparalleled experience for both developers and merchants. With its cutting-edge features, streamlined workflows, and exceptional performance, Hyvä Theme is revolutionising the way Magento stores are built and maintained.

Hyvä Theme is a responsive and feature-rich Magento 2 theme designed to enhance the user experience and improve the performance of Magento-based ecommerce stores. It is built on top of the Magento front-end stack and follows Magento coding and performance best practices. It aims to provide a clean and modern design, focusing on simplicity, speed, and usability.

While Hyvä offers a variety of customisation options and pre-built layouts making developers lives easier, it also allows merchants to create visually appealing and user-friendly online stores without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

The platform is fully supported by Hyvä themselves and the wider community - you're not locked in to one agency's toolset and any good Magento/dev agencies should be able to support and enhance this approach.

Why Hyvä with Unified?

Competitive edge

We are Hyvä suppliers and play an active role in the Hyvä community, so whenever new functionality and features are released (which is frequently), the businesses we work with are among the first to benefit and gain a competitive edge.

In the know

We have attended meetups both in-person and virtually to discover what's on the Hyvä roadmap and taking part in important discussions around the Magento ecosystem as a whole.

Familiar front-end

As an added bonus, the front-end tech stack chosen for Hyvä is the same as we chose to build our Shopify framework "Origin", which means our development team can flex between ecommerce platforms while using the same front-end technologies.

Talk to an expert

Feel free to talk to us about how we've used Hyvä for our clients, or how we can help you.

Hyvä for Sophie Conran

We were excited to get started on our first Hyvä project, particularly because we were already familiar with its tech stack from developing our custom-built Shopify Origin theme. With the client on board and excited about the potential improvements, we went to work swapping ScandiWeb PWA for Hyvä.

For the CSS and UI elements, we used Tailwind, a CSS framework that’s a dream to work with and offers increased performance and project longevity in equal measure. It can also be used to create components at a modular level, meaning they can be reused throughout the project, and even on other projects.

By replacing the front end with Hyvä, we’ve moved the client from a headless tech stack back to a monolithic tech stack. This is a less common approach, but performance has improved hugely without compromising on developer experience. Most importantly, the client was delighted with the results of their new, super speedy Magento site!